Barley TONIQ®

Barley TONIQ®

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    Product Description

    Made from a by-product of beer production, Barley TONIQ® is the second addition to our collection of upcycled water-soluble ingredients. Rich in proteins, peptides, polypeptides, amino acids & carbohydrates, Barley TONIQ® works to soothe & rebalance irritated skin, even at low use levels.

    • Soothes redness by up to 23% (in just 2 hours)

    • Just one application stops irritation in its tracks

    • Rebalances irritated skin

    • Superior soothing action at low use levels

    • Source of polysaccharides, polypeptides, proteins, minerals and amino acids

    • Made from a by-product of beer production

    • Contains a microbiome-friendly and upcycled grade of propanediol
    • Can be used in a wide variety of skincare & body care applications and is particularly ideal for sensitive & reactive skin

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    INCI: Hordeum Vulgare Extract, Propanediol

    Use Level: 1 - 3%

    Technical Documentation

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