Charcoal CRUSH™ - ACTIVE
Charcoal CRUSH™ - ACTIVE
Charcoal CRUSH™ - ACTIVE

Charcoal CRUSH™ - ACTIVE

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    Product Description

    Made from leftover charcoal pieces, Charcoal CRUSH™ ACTIVE is a detoxifying, cleansing and oil-absorbent* active powder for skincare formulations.

    This listing is for Charcoal CRUSH™ ACTIVE (<100μm)

    • INCI: 100% Charcoal Powder
    • Micron size: <100μm
    • Appearance: A finely-milled black powder
    • Ideal for: All skincare applications
    • Use level: Dependent on application and desired claims
    • 100% natural, vegan & cruelty-free
    The Charcoal CRUSH™ collection also includes 2 exfoliating grades:

    Don't know which grade to go for?

    Download the CRUSH™ Crib Sheet & Comparison Chart here.

    *Data available.