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    Product Description

    Upcycled from a by-product of hummus production, Faba TONIQ® our all-natural hair styling active shown to retain curls for 48 hours. This water-soluble zero-waste TONIQ® also delivers better hair manageability and noticeably smoother, sleeker, longer-lasting curls.

    • Retains natural and heat-styled curls for 48 hours, even in humidity

    • Offers natural conditioning properties for a soft-feel hold

    • Better manageability and easier detangling

    • Contains film-forming natural polymers that coat the hair to achieve significant curl retention after drying

    • Source of proteins, peptides, polypeptides, and carbohydrates

    • Made from a by-product of hummus production

    • Suitable for multiple hair textures & curl types

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    INCI: Cicer Arietinum Seed Extract, Benzyl Alcohol*

    Use Level: 3 - 10%

    * Benzyl Alcohol was selected as it allows for low inclusion levels and is globally compliant, broad-spectrum, fast-drying, and compatible with most ingredients and pH’s. With most haircare formulations being fragranced, we felt it would be widely acceptable. However, if you have a project where Benzyl Alcohol isn’t accepted, we can offer alternative options.

    Technical Documentation

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